Everything about Yellow Gold Wedding Ring Sets You Must Know

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The yellow gold wedding ring sets are one of the most popular choices when it comes to selecting the right band for couples who are getting married soon. You can also find many yellow gold wedding ring sets for her that look beautiful for your fiancée. The yellow gold rings possess the inner glow and warmth other metals cannot match, in addition to the traditional, classic style that will get the bands timelessly beautiful. Today, we have some useful information about the rings, including the yellow gold diamond wedding sets to guide you.

Comparing Varieties of Yellow Gold Wedding Ring Sets

We start from comparing between the 10k, 14k, and 18k yellow gold wedding ring sets first. The 10k yellow cold rings contain 41% of pure gold with zinc, silver, and copper added into the mix. Well, remember that the 24k or 100% pure gold is too delicate for jewelries, so combining the metal with others becomes common practice to enhance the durability. As for the 10k yellow gold rings, they often have either lighter whiter tone or red copper-like color thus lack the elegant yellow glow. Even so, the 10k yellow gold rings are the most affordable option.

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On the other hand, the 14k yellow gold wedding ring sets possess the lustrous yellow glow that make the yellow gold wedding ring sets popular. The 14k yellow gold contains 58% of pure gold. In fact, the 14k varieties are really popular, especially due to their more affordable price compared to the 18k yellow gold rings.

The 18k yellow gold wedding ring sets are made up of 75% pure gold and acclaimed for the natural and radiant glow that is brighter and warmer than the 14k and 10k counterparts. Even so, with the higher percentage of pure gold, the 18k yellow gold jewelries do come with pricier tag. In comparable weights and styles, the 18k yellow gold rings will cost about at least $500 higher. Even so, the higher price also comes with better quality and durability. Thus, do not hesitate to spend for at least the 14kgold rings if you have higher budget.

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If you want more sophistication for your yellow gold wedding ring sets, consider ones with diamond accent. The yellow gold diamond wedding ring sets will make the precious stone look striking with the yellow golden band for backdrop. Besides, yellow gold band can conceal slight color tints in the diamond setting. And this will be a great choice if you opt for beautiful yellow gold ring with diamond setting on budget since more affordable diamond has lower color grade.

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Even so, timelessly classic yellow gold wedding ring sets or ones with sparkling diamond setting are not the only choice you can find. What about considering other gemstones to adorn the yellow gold wedding ring? Ruby, emerald, sapphire, or amethyst will be a great selection to consider which ideas and inspirations can be looked up on this website for you. And do you know those beautiful gemstones will not rip your wallet too?

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Yellow gold wedding ring sets are timelessly beautiful choice of wedding bands for couples that will look fascinating all plain or with sparkling stones to adorn.

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